Guns you wish existed


This topic come up again on one of the gun discussion threads. What guns do you wish existed?

I wish a Colt 9mm carbines existed in 10mm. A Colt M1911 in 10mm with a double stack mag is something else I’d pay any amount for.

A pre-64 model 70 winchester with 26 inch heavy barrel in .260 remington or 6.5 creedmoor would be great.

Not a gun, but I wish Unertl still exited making externally adjusted scopes like they always did.

Thats my biggest “wish list” how about you?


  1. Seconded heartily for the colt carbine and double stack in 10mm.

    In no particular order

    * Glock 43 or Smith and Wesson Shield sized 10mm
    * P90 style magazine PCC
    * a target/woods pistol like the buckmark chambered in 17 hmr
    * Savage 99s to make a comeback

    • I see your Savage 99 and raise you an even better idea: a semi auto with the same form factor, a classic wooden stocked gun that isn’t a boat anchor like the M14 and is not as fragile and finicky as the Browning Bar.
      Benelli R1 came so close to that perfection. Sadly it’s ugly as sin like every other Euro design from the 00s and feeds from expensive, proprietary magazines that hold 10 rounds max.

  2. Not all are guns, but all are my desires:

    1. Colt Canada rifles in the US (after 922r and Colt USA are lost at sea).
    2. A factory M16A5 available from BCM or FN.
    3. Beretta brings back the Laramie line of Schofield clones.
    4. More holsters for current generation Steyr pistols. *cough Safariland cough*
    5. An aesthetically pleasing 1x prismatic optic that isn’t Trijicon.

  3. I still like my Mini M1 Garand idea. I would like to see more affordable AR alternatives. Whenever one comes out it always seems to be 2-3k. Or a repro M3 grease gun. Could do them as “pistols” and SBRs. Valkarie did some way back but they were more just M3 shaped. I would hope to see a more true to form one.

  4. H&R single shot rifle in 9 or 45. When ammo and cash are scarce I always get out mine in .38 spc and shoot for hours. Slow to load and doesn’t get hot and easier to see target holes with wadcutters than .22lr. 45 would be very fun with a can on it.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this for days since you posted it.

    I admit, I’m somewhat flummoxed. There are guns I wish existed… but acceptable substitutes usually do exist. eg, I might wish that the Remington 32 were still made here in the US, and trap shooters weren’t shipping truckloads of cash to Krieghoff in Germany. I’d also like a modern-production Luger, but the price would make it a boutique pistol, no matter who made it.

    I really have to think about this for a long time to come up with something profound. I suppose I could wish for the quality of the pre-war Model 70 to return, or the Model 21, and the Model 52, with a better trigger, but that just seems jejune to most people.

    OK, here’s something I want: I want a US-made bolt gun that serves the purpose the STR-200 does in 6.5×55 in the Scandinavian countries. Our could be chambered in 6.5CM if you like, but I want a target rifle off-the-shelf with the accessory rail in the forearm, a list of optional globe/peep sights, a stock adjustable for pull and comb height, scope mounts, etc, a DBM and a bolt that’s as slick as owl snot, like the STR-200’s is. I want it made specifically for target work, not field work, and I want them to be tested at the factory for groups under 0.5″ at 100 yards with factory ammo.

    Next, I want S&W to start making the Model 41 and 52 again.


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