Vietnam War Booby-Traps


I ran across these photos from the Army. Meant to show some of the booby traps the new recruit could expect once in Vietnam. My Dad told me about his first week in Vietnam and how a group of SGTs took them out on a patrol of a mocked up village. Every thing in it was was set up to be an ambush in a no win situation. Fake version of these traps and other guys playing the VC who would pop out of places even real VC were unlikely to be in. Everyone got “killed” but the point was to show them they had to always be paying attention.


  1. I was in the Australian Army as an infantryman post Vietnam…79 to 88. Many of my mates had been to SVN. They’d seen a lot, but somehow their stories of blokes with their feet and ankles impaled through their boots on shit smeared punji stakes seemed the worst to me. Those pics make my guts knot more than 30 years later.


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