“Only the military should have assault rifles”


The Military-


  1. You need to get over ‘yo bad self …

    … because sometimes it’s acceptable to violate Col. Cooper’s second inviolable rule of gun safety. The “reverse arms” shown above is part of the D&C of every Commonwealth country and at one time also was part of the US Army’s drill and ceremonies repertoire.

    At any given moment there’s somebody somewhere in the world on a skeet or trap or sporting clays range who is resting the muzzle of their shotgun on the toe of their shoe as they’re waiting their turn to shoot. Which has been an accepted practice for more than a century, even if your shotgun is an autoloader, so long as the breech is locked open. There’s even a variety of doohickeys sold to put on top of your shoe to prevent the practice leaving a muzzle ring on it.

    Then there’s appendix carry, which currently is the trendy way to CCW. Because it can’t be used without routinely muzzle-sweeping your own junk and lower extremities every time you bend forward at the waist, sit or take a step. And with a gun you knowingly and deliberately are carrying loaded. So if you were being consistent, there should be a sticky at the top of the loose rounds home page damning AIWB.

    And you expect me to believe you’ve never looked down the barrel of a firearm (not disassembled to the point that it would be incapable of firing, even if loaded) to inspect the cleanliness of the bore?

    As for the referenced photo, the mag well is empty and there’s an empty chamber indicator in the breech. The empty chamber indicator also means the BCG not only is OOB, if can’t go into battery unless and until the blocking device is removed. That rifle couldn’t be any safer if it were chained in the rack in the arms room.

    Notice that the Ozzies in my photo don’t even leave their bolts open.

    And on top of that, what nitwit told you it was a good idea to mock the US armed forces in general (and that serviceman in particular) in an effort to advance the cause of RKBA? Because if you’d asked me beforehand, I could have saved you from embarrassing yourself and loose rounds. Stop trying to make points at the expense of our men at arms.

    • Errrr, what Commonwealth country does this exactly?

      ‘Cause I am a Canadian who has worked with Brits and Aussies, and has never seen that without somebody getting their ass chewed.

    • Members of the United States military are simply mercenaries doing the bidding for globalism; for the New World Order.

      I have zero respect for the 21st Century Amerikan military.

  2. Unit and combat service patches blurred. Why?

    BTW, Nobody does this, who has an immediate supervisor within their span of control worth a damn.

  3. It’s good to post this photo, so that less of this happens in the future.
    I was in the US Army Infantry on active duty for 4 years. While there, I saw the WORST gun handling in my life, mostly at the 1st Ranger Battalion (1/75 Inf. RANGER).
    Including : an SFC (E-7) firing a blank as he turned in his M16A1 rifle to the Armorer. He was “gone” the next day.
    Next: a Corporal firing a 3 round burst (live ammo) with a M249 SAW in a training patrol base in Honduras. He turned into a Specialist 4th class the next day.
    Not everyone in the Military is a gun enthusiast. Not everyone in our “élite” units are well trained.
    Now you know.

  4. how is this any different from the m777 howitzer in tow. the tow hook is at the muzzle end. so you point the muzzle at the truck ever time it is moved.


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