1917 Colt . 45 ACP


Our boy and favorite gunsmith, Karl Beining ( KGBcustom.com) has provided some more 6 shooter content for you wheel gun guys this week. This time a M1917 Colt made in 1919. The M1917 was chambered in .45ACP and issued out to troops in WW1 to take some of the slack when there wasn’t enough M1911s to go around.

For those who don’t know, revolvers using rimless cases like the 45ACP needed a thin adapter referred to as moon and half moon clips to allow them to be extracted. There is a .45 Auto Rimmed case that , as it’s name implies, is just a rimmed 45 ACP case.

Of course a military pistol has to have a lanyard loop.


  1. What’s interesting on rough-finished issue Colts like this is that you can still see the machine tool marks on some pieces – and from that, you get an idea of how Colt made them.

    For example, look at the fourth pic from the top. Look at what all is being machined there, and think about it – not with commodity cutting tools from a catalog today. Remember, this was a time when many machine shops had their own tool & die men to make their own cutting tools on grinders from high speed steel…

  2. I love the Colt and Smith 1917 revolvers. (I’m a sucker for revolvers in auto pistol cartridges, that’s part of it.)

    One came up at an auction I was watching ~10 years ago. It had been cut down to 4” and the asking price was not so awesome that I had to jump at it, so I let it go by. Second thoughts…

  3. You should try and find a M1909. They are truly wonderful guns. This is especially true of the USMC version which sports a modified grip from every other New Service.

    I love mine


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