1. Taxpayer dollars, being well cared for and scrupulously conserved right there…

    Really guys? Couldn’t spare a can of WD-40?

  2. Salt water is a bitch…

    My guess is that these were stored in an arms locker while at sea, and nobody opened it up for awhile. Which happens.

    Marines and Navy armorers have to deal with crap that we land-based types have no clue about. Friend of mine took over an arms room that was aboard one of the Army landing craft stationed up in Tacoma, and the mess he found? Lord allmighty. The guy who’d taken over after the last armorer retired (Reserve unit…) hadn’t done more than accountability, and he’d munged that up, to boot. At least half the weapons got coded out because of corrosion after being left without maintenance for about six-eight months. The interim guy just “didn’t notice” what was happening to the weapons, but they went from “exemplary” on their maintenance/security stuff to “Commander needs to go to jail for not doing his job…” in very little time.

  3. These could’ve been crated/palletized and then sat out on tarmac as frustrated cargo too. Our brother squadron had this happen to their M240s coming back from a desert trip. That crate was a freak show and guess who was the newly minted small arms repairman tasked with sorting it out.


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