Finally to be free of the lockdown is an amazing feeling. I’m guessing, I have no idea because I have been ignoring the lockdown orders since day one. But I’m sure it is a great freeing feeling for every one who is in home confinement.

Olesya Suspitsyna, originally from Kazakhstan, fell from popular tourist destination Duden Park in Antalya after going for a walk to celebrate the lifting of lockdown measures.

That’s a weird way to celebrate.

Olesya, 31, who was with a friend, reportedly climbed over a safety barrier to take a picture with a waterfall in the background.

There is something to be learned from about the kind of person who would obey the lock down and then do something like this. I just don’t know what it might be..

Her friend called the emergency services after Olesya slipped on the grass and fell from the cliff. Her body was later found in the water below.

Oleysa’s relatives told Kazakh media: “Olesya was a smart and cheerful person. She set goals and made them happen.” Press X in the comments to express doubt about that one…

She had been working in Turkey as a tour guide for the past five years.

Friends have also been paying tribute on social media. One wrote: “Olesya always loved the sea and dreamed of living in Turkey. Oh, well that explains a lot.

And of course the standard closing statement.

“She made her dream come true. More than anything she loved the feeling of freedom. This is an irreparable loss. My heart is broken.”



  1. Reasonably good-looking Russian girl in Turkey…? Fell to her death, “friend” testifying that they went on a walk…?

    Yeah. My money is on her being thrown by her Turkish pimp, and one of his other trafficking victims doing the smart thing and going along with the story, lest she join her “friend”.

    No woman in Turkey for “employment” is likely to be there for what’s in her job description. She’s more than likely a victim of bait-and-switch human trafficking. Most of that crap is purely tragic, and I seriously doubt the facts of this case as reported.


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