Wuhan Strain Updates 4/30/2020

  • Trump confirms “high degree of confidence” that COVID-19 originated in Wuhan Lab.
  • LA becomes first US city to offer county-wide testing
  • Lagarde warns eurozone economy could shrink up to 12% in 2020
  • Russia passes 100k cases
  • Boris Johnson lays out reopening plan
  • NYC plans to close subways between 1am and 5am for cleaning
  • Hundreds of protesters crowd Michigan capital as lawmakers vote on state of emergency extension
  • Georgia Gov lifts stay at home order
  • Cali reports another spike in new cases deaths
  • Turkey reports new batch of cases, deaths
  • New Jersey reports record jump in deaths
  • Russia reports another record single-day batch of cases
  • Sri Lanka reimposes lockdown measures
  • Italy retakes mantle of second-deadliest outbreak in Europe from UK
  • Canada reports latest update
  • Italy reports another encouraging drop in new cases and deaths
  • Introducing “Operation Warp Speed”
  • Pentagon orders another 100k body bags for “worst case” scenario
  • US death toll tops 60k
  • DHS acting secretary says social distancing will last for ‘months’
  • France, UK report new numbers
  • Spain sees curve continue to flatten
  • NYC hands out free masks
  • Florida reports uptick in cases, deaths
  • South Korea says ‘zero’ cases of infection stemming from April 15 election
  • California closes parks, beaches
  • NY reports 306 deaths, 933 new cases
  • Total cases break above 300k
  • Airbus reports massive loss, signals distress
  • New data suggests 1 in 6 US nursing homes suffered COVID-19 clusters
  • 500k coronavirus tests obtained by Maryland from SK haven’t yet been used
  • NYT hammers Brazil’s Bolsonaro for denying outbreak
  • UN warns about virus spreading in Syria, Yemen
  • Eurozone GDP contracts 3.8%
  • UK NHS allows hospitals to remove minority workers off the front lines



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