S&W Distinguished Combat Magnum


These picture come courtesy of our pal Karl Beining from https://www.kgbcustom.com/


    • I go back and forth on this, but generally I come down on the side of S&W, with a nod to the Python as the superlative job in fit and finish.

      People occasionally ask me what sort of revolver they should buy. My standard $0.02 answer is to buy buy Colts for collecting, not shooting, S&W for shooting in polite circumstances, and Rugers for hunting or camping, where things could get a little western, real quick, and your gat might get nicked or dinged.

      • My first revolver was a 19-6…the gun has perfect balance and is fun to shoot, but it definitely needs that L frame to handle magnum rounds all day. They really had the best of both worlds with the *86s.


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