Phnom Penh 1975



    • And it’s pretty much a law of physics that the Democrats are going to be in charge again at some point.

      I can understand why the Israelis keep us at arm’s length.

      • After what we did in Burma post-WWII, I’m surprised anyone is stupid enough to have the US as an ally, TBH. The record of what we did and didn’t do for the Karen and other Christian hill tribes that fought for us is not pretty, and pretty much duplicate the shoddy treatment we gave the Hmong and other Montagnard tribes later on.

        Frankly, I could not do what the SF guys do. I’d have eaten the end of a shotgun in the aftermath of what happened to the Yazidi or some of the other decent folks we’ve cozened over the years. I could not be the face of a nation that did things like this, and still live with myself afterwards. I knew an SF guy a long time ago, and I never really understood why he was the way he was until we were in Iraq and Afghanistan. You go out, you bond with the locals, convince them to fight for us, and then the politicians do what they do, so everything you promised and did means nothing. Which means that the only way you survive that stuff mentally is by emulating (or, being…) a sociopath. If you can’t do that, then a lot of guys take to the bottle, drugs, or suicide. It’s worse if you marry into the situation, so you can’t ever leave it behind.

        Long-time friend of the family came out of a multi-generational family background of Methodist missionaries to China. During WWII, he’d gotten snaffled up by some OSS-related outfit and wound up working in Burma because he was fluent in Chinese. While there, he worked extensively with the Karen and another tribe whose name I can’t recall (poor bastard never once used his Chinese during WWII…) to do the “downed aviator rescue” thing. After the war and for years afterwards he did trips over there to do missionary work and help out, and I’ve got to tell you, listening to him talk about the BS promises made and abandoned in the aftermath of the war was something else. The US basically hacked off on the whole “turn Burma over to the generals” thing, and abandoned the only people we could trust in the region to their kind mercies, and what’s worst is that the ethnic groups “the generals” represented had all been pro-Japanese and had actually turned over US personnel to the Japanese who were never accounted for–He had names and dates for all of those guys, and the numbers were not small, either. Situation pre-dated the MIA issues in Vietnam, and basically predicted them. Ugly, ugly times–This guy had been Captain America before WWII, but by the 1960s, he’d gradually turned into an extremely anti-US Government type who had nothing good to say about anyone in Defense, Intelligence, or the State Department. Some idiot in one of those agencies had asked him to “liase” with the tribes he was working with at some point, and on his advice, the tribes threw the supposed State Department assclowns in a river.

        We probably have had the worst government in our history since the WWII era. Which ain’t exactly surprising, considering it grew out of FDR’s BS.

        • WWII and post-WWII weren’t the first time Americans double-crossed tribes. Ask the Indians. Try to find a village of “praying [i.e. Christian] Indians” in Massachusetts today.

          I like to be slow to judge my ancestors, and the Indians had plenty of innocent blood on their hands, but the number of times the US government went back on treaties for land and gold are uncountable.

          But yeah, I wouldn’t much want to be allies with the US either. Maybe the only worse thing is to ally with the Russians. I’ve crossed the “Friendship Bridge” that bridges the river between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Never let the Russians build a bridge into your country. Probably Switzerland has it right and India did next-best. If geography doesn’t permit true neutrality, then be far enough away from both the US and Russia that you can play them off against each other and not really have to depend on either one. Pity poor Mexico and poor Estonia.


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