5.56MM M996 IR Tracer Ammunition


Here is something you may not see every day but I have some because I’m cooler than you. The M996, 5.56MM “Dim” tracer round for use with night vision.

Standard tracer ammunition provides excessive illumination/visual interference (“blooming” effect) to the user when viewed through night vision devices (NVDs). Dim Tracer ammunition provides the user community with a tracer cartridge which is invisible when viewed with the naked eye but is visible when viewed through NVDs and does not cause visual interference to the wearer of a night vision device


  1. Was just wondering if you were really bored,had a custom upper made and starting loading esoteric rounds,much weirder things have happened during the so called lock down.I am at a friends at moment and decided the lawn flamingos due to their sociable nature needed masks ,made em some out of coffee filters and rubber bands and wrote on them “coughy filter”,has gotten some laughs from folks walking by and a few scowls,not sure which reaction I enjoy more..Only reason I am down is it just keeps raining,feel will be another winter straight into summer year.


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