Some Rare Unertl History


Some random Unertl history. Above is the US Palma Team from 1995. The huge spotting scopes are Unertl Team Spotting scopes.

Below is a Unertl with a conversion to have internal elevation and windage adjustments. I can’t confirm who did this wrok. If you have any info let me know in the comments.

Another rare Unertl factory variation. An optic with a device for letting a right hand shooter shoot from the right side while using the left eye.


  1. You still see a few of the big team scopes at big matches like Perry but darn few anymore. Too much iron to tote. Mostly coaches are using the 82mm Kowa or dual Kowa’s these days.

    By the way, CMP has cancelled out their National Matches at Perry this year over virus concerns. No word yet about whether or not NRA will cancel theirs at Atterbury, but given the tattered state of NRA Comp Div these days, it wouldn’t be a surprise – or much of a loss sad to say.


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