I don’t hate it..



  1. Well, it was executed competently.

    With a barrel that long, much of the propellant pressure has been relieved before it hits the suppressor. That could have the potential of being a rather quiet gun, because the .45 ACP is subsonic, the gas has mostly expanded before hitting the suppressor, and it has a locked breach that won’t cycle on its own.

    I’m assuming therefore that this rifle was designed and built for a very specific purpose.

    • Potentially? For the reasons you cited that should be stupid quiet already. The only thing not visibly covered is all that racket when the shoulder of the firing pin smacks into the inside of the bolt.

    • According to Ballistics by the Inch, 230 grain .45 ACP is indeed running out of gas by around 16”. I assume the Mauser above is closer to 24”.

      230 gr +P loads are still transonic at 18”. Who knows how that holds out over another 8”. (BBTI doesn’t measure .45 ACP out of barrels longer than 18”.)

      From BBTI’s data, it looks like the lighter +P loads are still gaining steam at 18”, or at least not falling off as fast as the heavier loads.


      It also seems like it wouldn’t be much trouble to make a Mauser action take .45 Super pressures. That would extend the utility of such a beast.


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