Can You Spot Anything Weird?



  1. The scope rail appears to be on top of the rear sight. Or am I seeing things? These new fangled mounts are weird sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That scope mount is insanely high. The reason why AR sights are so high above the bore axis is so that the bore axis can stay low, driving recoil impulse lower on the shoulder, reducing muzzle rise, especially in full-auto fire. It’s a clever design for what it is, but the super-high sights are an unfortunate byproduct of this, not a feature to be desired. Look at that fellow’s head position: If he takes a proper cheek weld, the scope is going to be at about his hairline.

      And what tipped me that it wasn’t a Mini-14 was the square box magazine. Mags for .308 and similar are much squarer than mags for .223 and similar, which have a bit of a curve to them, or at least an angled floorplate.


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