Story for which there are no words.


A 39-year-old man was arrested in the bloody stabbing of his niece, who was found dead in their home after an argument Monday, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Another sad story of murder. A young women who is a mother with the entire world in front of her. Taken too soon.

Salah Hamlette was booked on second-degree murder, accused of killing his 34-year-old niece Porche Abraham in front of Abraham’s 4-year-old daughter early Monday in a neighborhood off North Hiawassee Road, his arrest report said.

Hamlette told deputies that he and Abraham had been in a sexual, incestuous relationship for years and, the night before her death, they were up all night consuming cocaine and ecstasy, the report said.

………. Ahem...

But near dawn, they began arguing and physically fighting, and Abraham pulled out a gun and threatened to kill herself, then turned the gun toward Hamlette, the report said. He told investigators he fired a different gun once or twice in self-defense, but did not hit her. Deputies found a hole through a bathroom wall that matched that part of his account, the report said.

When deputies arrived, Hamlette came out of the home with bloodied hands and minor cuts. He told them Abraham was still armed inside the home, but deputies soon found her dead on the kitchen floor with “an extensive amount of blood saturating her shirt and coagulating under her body,” the report said.

Deputies found a trail of blood from her body, to the living room, across a rifle on the ground, past a bloody kitchen knife and toward the front door, the report said. They found a handgun on a bed in one of the bedrooms and a revolver in the closet of another bedroom.

What a tragedy. Two salt of the earth citizens for sure.


  1. You would be amazed at how many of our murder statistics stem from similar roots. Everyone thinks “Oh, that could happen to me…”, but the reality is, most of us aren’t doing illegal drugs and boinking our uncles.

    As an old First Sergeant once told our company, with considerably greater profanity: “Don’t be doing stupid things with stupid people in stupid places at stupid times, and you’ll be OK. If you want to do stupid sh*t, expect the natural consequences… Especially if I’m getting phone calls at three in the morning on Saturday or Sunday…”.

    In this case, I’m honestly surprised that it didn’t happen to the victim at a much earlier point in the relationship…


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