COVID19 Update 4/23/2020

  • Russia reports thousands of new cases
  • Turkey becomes first country in Asia to cross 100k cases in “official” count
  • Indonesia reports dozens of new deaths
  • UK sees deaths slow for 2nd day
  • Merkel warns “we’re still at the beginning” of the outbreak
  • German leader told fellow EU leaders that fiscal package must be “huge”
  • Cuomo says 14% of random sample of NYers tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies; 21.2% in NYC
  • NY deaths continue to slow
  • Oklahoma becomes latest state to start reopening Friday
  • Trump says he “strongly disagrees” with Georgia’s plan to reopen
  • Trump says 40% of counties have seen a decline in coronavirus cases
  • China pledges $30 million to WHO
  • California reports 115 deaths
  • Pompeo demands China permanently close all wet markets
  • NJ on cusp of reporting 100k cases as state unveils new saliva test
  • France’s stretch of slowing case growth hits 1 week mark
  • Turkey cases top 100k
  • Lagarde says relief fund needed fast
  • Cuomo says McConnell’s remark about allowing states to file for bankruptcy was “dumb”
  • Vietnam, Greece announce plans to start reopening
  • Data shows nearly 90% of patients placed on ventilator never recover
  • Some Wuhan doctors see virus reemerge in patients 70 days after negative test
  • Malaysia extends lockdown for 3rd time


  1. It seems if you go on a ventilator that you are just sealing your fate. I have seen several stories of cases where people chose not to go on a ventilator and ended up recovering.


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