“These things don’t happen in any other civilized nation”- Obama


A 51-year-old denture-fitter went on a murderous rampage in Nova Scotia over the weekend — killing at least 16 people, including a female Canadian Mountie, authorities said.

I guess that makes the death more tragic than the other 15 deaths. Cause Women.

Suspect Gabriel Wortman — who dressed as a cop at one point in his murder spree and may have tried to make his car look like a police cruiser — was hunted down by officers Sunday at a gas station in the town of Enfield in the Canadian province and later died, although it was not immediately clear how.

“The idea that this could happen in our community is unbelievable,” said local lawmaker Tom Taggart.

Smooth brain take right there. ..

Authorities said the death toll from the carnage would likely rise.

It was unclear what sparked the horrific attack, which apparently began around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, when cops first received a call about “a person with firearms” in the tiny town of Portapique and the area went into lockdown.



  1. Dude’s a life-long cop sniffer:


    Have a look at that yearbook photo from high school. Am I the only one who sees Mama Nature’s warning signs for “stay the fuck away”? I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest this sick fuck was probably a “life-long bachelor” who had issues forming relationships with women, and that the fact he trained as an undertaker and wound up making dentures is probably indicative that even the mortuary science folks thought he was “off”. I have to wonder how often that happens? Did they catch him fucking his customers, I wonder?

    Again, this is more grist for my millstone-statement that if you want to be a cop… Then, you probably shouldn’t be one. Ever.

    And, probably should be under life-long observation for signs you’ve slipped the surly bonds of sanity and have become actual active threat to other citizens of your community.

    • Jesus wept. That is a correct assessment Sir. As I keep telling my kids…trust your gut, physiognomy is real, always judge a book by it’s cover at first meeting.

  2. I hope this doesn’t catch on. “Going Denture Fitting” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Going Postal”.

  3. Wow… I love the current obsession with “toxic masculinity”, when the thing these guys all seem to have in common is a tragic lack of masculinity.


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