Covid 19 Update 4/20/2020

  • Japanese hospitals turn away non-COVID-19 patients
  • Russia outbreak continues to accelerate
  • Demonstrators demand economies reopen now in Denver, Austin
  • South Korea reports clusters as reopening continues
  • Small Marin County town hopes to test every resident
  • 2/3rds restaurant workers in US have lost their jobs
  • Australia, New Zealand begin easing lockdowns
  • Turkey passes China in total ‘confirmed’ cases
  • Bolsonaro joins crowds of protesters demanding reopening in Brazil
  • Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Norway, India among countries reopening right now
  • Saudi Arabia, Qatar see alarming rise in new cases
  • Prince Philip issues rare statement praising frontline workers
  • Vote on relief bill pushed to Tuesday
  • 9th Vatican employee tests positive
  • US sees 20% drop in cases
  • Italy reports slight rise in deaths, drop in cases
  • UK reports 450 new deaths
  • NYC reports another drop in hospitalizations
  • 1/5th of world is taking first steps toward reopening economies
  • Merkel urges more ‘caution’ as Germany begins to reopen
  • “Corona curve” shows outbreak “over the hump”
  • Belgium reports 1,487 new cases
  • UK business furlough scheme flooded with applications
  • Mnuchin praises Shake Shack for giving back ‘PPP’ money
  • French foreign minister slams China over propaganda
  • German newspaper slams Beijing for “exporting” virus


  1. WTI hit -$37.93 a barrel.
    Negative prices have never happened before.
    Some of the smartest guys in the room took it in the shorts, big time.

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