More Gun Giveaways


I was checking my email and I received several notifications of gun giveaways. Click on the images below to be taken to the entry page.


    • The guys who like what you do aren’t giving theirs up willingly. In most cases, it’s not made that way anymore unless you’re paying custom shop money.

      • I disagree.

        CZ has a nice line of rifles, most all of which can be had under the “price” of that PSL. Ithaca 37’s are a nice gun, and they’re currently made. Hell, if someone wanted to give me a Ithaca Model 37 in 28 gauge, 28″ barrel, AAA Grade wood with a blued finish, I’d be very appreciative of that, and that’s $1500 MSRP. Or a Henry rifle – they’re nicely done, and made here in the US.

        I’d even allow how the Miroku-made Winchester lever guns are reasonably nice. I’ve had my eye on a Model 1892 for awhile now.

        Or a Dan Wesson handgun. They have several nice 1911’s well within the “price” of that PSL, and the 715 revolver is just at the “price” of that PSL.

        Alternatively, they could give away an action+bottom metal – and let you build up your own rifle, but give away the starting point for such a rifle – which would be worth $1K+.

        • I was bored and crippled a few months back and started sniffing around for giveaways to enter. There are whole web sites that aggregate gun-related giveaways. Lots of it is hunting gear, and the gun giveaways tend toward items with broad appeal like Glocks, Glock-offs, MSRs and other things that if you went down to your LGS and asked, “What sells a lot around here?” So I suspect that this is just another instantiation of your “Americans don’t buy quality guns” rant.

          Anyway, I found a few giveaways for items that I thought were interesting and applied. The few that posted how many entries there were had eye-watering numbers: I have a 1:12,000 chance of winning this Glock and the contest is open for another 48 hours? I found no evidence that any of them ever did anything with the sweepstakes other than harvest my email address: No email even saying, “Congrats to Dalton C. In Minnehaha County South Dakota for winning the Glock!” All I get is spam, including one list that I’ve tried unsubscribing from no fewer than three times without apparent success.

          So I’m done entering online contests for guns.

  1. I like the idea of the POF Revolution. A 7 pound AR-15 sized .308 sounds handy, and would be even better if it suppressed well and stayed accurate.

    • The Savage MSR-10 Hunter is 7.8# to POF’s 7.3#, and is a fair sight cheaper. I believe it has an AR-10-sized bolt/BCG too, but don’t quote me on that.

      I’m not here to sell Savage, but I looked around for a lighter-weight AR in .308/6.5 CM about a year ago and couldn’t find a better bang for my buck than the Savage MSR-10 Hunter.

      In the event, I got a good deal on a bolt gun and went that way.


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