WILLIAMSBURG, BLAIR COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Pennsylvania police are charging a teen as an adult after he allegedly stabbed his grandfather’s home nurse multiple times with a sword just before midnight Wednesday.

Well. That’s something I haven’t heard in a while.

Police said the victim was bleeding from the neck and hand when they found her. Her finger had nearly been severed in the alleged attack. She was taken to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Altoona where she had to undergo surgery for the wounds.

According to police, officers went to a home in Woodbury Township where they found 15-year-old Michael Watson, who matched the victim’s description, staring out of a window.

Watson reportedly told police that the victim came to the house earlier in the day to help his grandfather. Shortly before she left, Watson said, he went out to their car and got the sword from the car trunk and stuck it in the ground behind the car and went back inside.

Kid is nutty as squirrel turds. The young serial killer had this planned down to a T.

The teen said he escorted the victim out to her vehicle and directed her in a different direction before grabbing the sword from the ground, walking up behind her and stabbing her in the back of the neck.

Police said Watson described how she turned around as he continued to strike her, knocking her to the ground before she managed to grab the sword and pull it away from him. She was then able to get in her car, lock the door and drive away.

She showed some real fight though. A lot of people would have just given up and let him stab them to death.

Watson allegedly said he washed his hands and legs, changed his clothes and hid them under bags of garbage on the front porch. He then prepared food for his mother and stepdad and served it to them upstairs.

Kid needs to get the electric chair. This is some cold blooded planned action.


  1. Look, I think the pandemic and quarantine have put all of us under a lot of pressure.

    But jokes aside, my tolerance for this sort of nonsense is even lower right now than it normally is. Judge Roy Bean would have known what to do with this kid, and it seems like we should put folks like this on a similar fast track. We can go back to coddling criminals once there are enough masks to go around for all the criminals we already have in the system.


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