Covid 19 update 4/17/2020

  • Wuhan revises citywide coronavirus death toll 50% higher
  • Beijing blames ‘overwhelmed’ health care system for the error
  • Foreign Ministry says new numbers “can stand the test of history”
  • US sees huge spike in deaths on Thursday
  • NYC cancels all ‘nonessential’ events for the month of May
  • Global death toll passes 150k
  • Report on Chicago remdesivir trial stokes hopes for new “miracle drug” to fight the virus
  • Illinois closes schools for rest of year
  • NY total cases: 229,642
  • NY reports slight drop in hospitalizations, ICU admissions, but deaths ‘ basically flat’ at 630
  • NJ reports 300+ deaths
  • WHO says China’s ‘revision’ to Wuhan numbers was latest ‘attempt to ensure no case goes uncounted’
  • Italy reports slowdown in new cases but slight uptick in deaths
  • Texas cancels school until end of year
  • France reports 761 new deaths
  • Michigan Gov says she hopes to begin reopening May 1after massive protest
  • Iran holds ‘military parade’ with equipment used to fight the virus
  • South African lions seen lounging in middle of road as lockdown continues
  • FT trend analysis shows deaths in Italy, Spain have slowed, while US and UK see continued acceleration
  • Switzerland’s small-business loan program sees resounding success
  • huge protests today in MN


  1. We are looking at 25 Million newly unemployed and a lot of those jobs are gone forever.
    Any guess at how well the Government will deal with anywhere from 2-5 Million newly homeless citizens during a pandemic?
    Especially with supply chains collapsing.
    It’s going to get real interesting before the end of the year.

  2. “Beijing blames ‘overwhelmed’ health care system for the error”

    The CCP is basically just trolling us at this point.


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