Being locked down inside has been tough for a lot of people. Cabin fever sets in after boredom, then the mind starts to turn strange and warp. You wonder ” what would it be like to gut my Pop like a fish? Next thing you know you’re at a bagel shop covered in blood telling the cops what brand kitchen knives stay sharp longest under heavy usage.

A Brooklyn man holed up in the house with his father during the coronavirus outbreak was arrested Wednesday for allegedly knifing and “badly mutilating” his dad, including disemboweling him, police and sources said.

Following the gory murder, Khaled Ahmad, 26, allegedly left his family’s Dyker Heights home drenched in blood and went to a nearby bagel shop around 4:30 a.m., where he confessed to police officers.

That’s strange that is decidedly not the kind of name I associate with beheading people.

“I killed my father,” Ahmad told them, according to an NYPD spokesperson.

The cops cuffed him and went to the tidy, ( bet it’s not so tidy now)two-family brick home on 84th Street near 14th Avenue, where they found 57-year-old Imad Ahmad dead with multiple stab wounds, police said.

The body of the father was badly mutilated,” the spokesperson said.

Ahmad had allegedly cut off his father’s arms and part of his head, in addition to gutting him, police sources said. He had placed some of the body parts near the rest of the corpse.

Cops found a large kitchen knife inside the house.

Oi mate, those need ot be banned!

A neighbor told cops she’d heard screaming coming from the home overnight but did nothing because it was a “daily occurrence,” the sources said.

The home in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn where 26-year-old Khaled Ahmad supposedly murdered and partially ate his father, Imad Ahmad.
The home in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn where 26-year-old Khaled Ahmad supposedly murdered and partially ate his father, Imad Ahmad.William Miller

A female relative who answered the phone at the house on Wednesday evening told The Post she had no comment, before adding “This is heartbreaking.

She’s upset? She should ask how the Dad feels!

Ahmad was charged with murder and criminal possession of weapon. Police didn’t say what triggered the attack.

That will show him not to do that again.

A neighbor said the father owned a supermarket in Queens and was “a very good man.”

They were a very nice family. Very nice people. It is very strange. Very strange,” the 54-year-old said.

“well, he was always nice to me”.


  1. Who the hell stays in a house where someone was just disemboweled and decapitated…?

    Hell, who calls there, expecting someone to be there to answer the phone?

    • For staying in the house: Where else is she going to go in the midst of a global pandemic? It sounds like they own a little store, so not exactly stuffed with money under the best of circumstances, and these are NOT the best of circumstances for owners of little stores in NYC. What’s she going to do, call a local hotel and say, “Hey, my brother just killed, disemboweled and munched on my dad. Can I room with you guys for a few days/weeks/months/years till the pandemic blows over and I can afford another place to stay?”

      As for who calls a place like that? I’ve decided that people need to have something wrong with them to be reporters. Freaking ghouls and vultures. Decency? Respect? All completely absent.

      • I dunno, John… That’s a lot of sang froid there, on demonstration. From a combat grunt, inured to death and dying? Yeah, I’d expect that. Hell, some of the guys I worked with would have happily been making coffee on the dead guy’s chest…

        His wife, a civilian? Was she a retired ER nurse, or something? That’s the only sort of civilian female I’d expect that sort of thing from, without looking at her as a sociopath of some stripe.

        Just sayin’…

        • Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but I’m not sure how many other choices she had, short of sleeping on the street. She may also have just happened to have been there packing up her stuff when the vulture called.

  2. Is surrending to the police at a bagel shop in Brooklyn the equivalent of surrendering to the police at a donut shop in America?

  3. He was probably feeling a little peckish after all that work, a bagel with lox and cream cheese probably hit the spot.


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