During Pandemic, ATF Saves Us From Full Auto Glocks


In these dark troubled times, you can take comfort in one thing. Sleep well knowing the ATF is out there violating social distancing to make sure people aren’t using naughty guns with super evil full auto machine gun bullet clip parts.

LOS ANGELES  – The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t slowed federal authorities in Los Angeles from actively working to track down thousands of illegal machine gun conversion kits that have been imported into the U.S. from other countries. 

Thank. God.

The converters, often referred to as ‘Glock converter switches,’ are smaller than the size of a coin but can turn a Glock pistol into a fully-automatic weapon.

Who calls them that?

Agents from the ATF, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, are concerned these devices could get into the hands of criminals, especially at a time when gun sales are on the rise. 

When people want guns, we have to violate the 2nd amendment even harder! Never mind that despite record breaking sell,s no one has been killed with an illegal machine gun this year. Or last.

“It’s a metal piece, actually three pieces. They are placed in the back of the slide here and convert this firearm to a fully automatic firearm,” said Stephen Galloway, assistant special agent in charge for the ATF in Los Angeles. “If you had a high capacity magazine, you’re taking about 30 rounds going down or being shot at one time.” 

Spoken like a true firearms expert. In LA no less.

The devices themselves are considered machine guns and they’re illegal for anyone to own.

Yeah! got that you plebe?

Get ready to lose your mind with rage on this next bit.

We have seen cases here in L.A. where these are manufactured at home or within a machine shop,” Galloway said. 

Red Rifle gun shop owner Jack Brandhorst has never handled a switch but can take a gun apart in seconds and showed us exactly how someone would install it.

It concerns him that someone would seek out an illegal device like a converter. 

I can’t speak to what people are thinking. We get a lot of customers in here that want stuff people don’t have – they see it in movies. They want to be that bad mamajama on the block, but it’s serious and it’s also very dangerous,” Brandhorst said. 

Dear God save us from these stupid assholes.

Brandhorst said he hasn’t had any customers ever ask him about these converters, which only work on Glock-brand handguns, but some have been curious about fully auto weapons. 

I have had idiots ask how to turn a rifle into a fully auto, which, I send them on their merry way,” Brandhorst said. 

For Galloway, a former police officer, it’s a scary thought.

Yea it is, but not in the way he means…

Read the rest of this swill at the link below, but I wouldn’t give them a click just to get my blood pressure up.



  1. I dunno which is worse… The ATF for thinking it is worth the effort to track those things down, or the idiots who thought buying them was a good idea.

    I’ve fired one Glock that went full-auto on me. Guy was shooting it, it went nuts on him, and I was in the next bay or two over. He knew I was something of an armorer, and asked me to take a look at it, so I did. Couldn’t find anything wrong with it, so I loaded up a three-round magazine and went for it. Oh, yeah… Full-auto in a Glock 19 is a treat; NOT.

    I think that pistol went back to Glock and they said there was something off with the mechanism; the disconnector looked OK but it wasn’t. Anyway, all I know is that the guy got a new pistol from Glock, and I came to the conclusion that the Glock 18 was a really dumb idea. I can’t see how it would be possible to control that thing on full-auto and actually hit a target; I nailed the 25m target with the first round, but the second one went God-alone-knows-where, and the third I’m pretty sure went somewhere into the next county, because when I finished that inadvertent string, I was aiming at the tops of the Douglas Firs that surrounded that range…

  2. Kirk, there’s Youtube video of a man effectively wielding a glock 18, as I recall he’s either Spetsznaz or ex spetsznaz, so he he is nothing close to an average shooter.
    Jerry Miculek might also be someone who could use one effectively.
    And yes, they are being found here and there, a gangbanger in Santa Rosa got picked up with one a few months ago.
    If the average idiot is shooting one of these at you you are probably safe, someone in the next County not so much…


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