Zimmerman Prosecutors Deny the Undeniable As Lawsuit Proceeds


The Zim Zam Man’s law suit is moving forward. It will be nice to see him get some real justice for how he was treated by the local “authorities ” and the media.

George Zimmerman’s lawsuit saga is unfolding though the Florida court system in the form of depositions and a powerful but little known tool called “Requests for Admissions.”

Under Florida Law, a plaintiff can submit a list of up to 30 questions, each beginning, “Admit that you….” Under penalty of perjury, the defendant must either admit or deny each statement. If the defendant doesn’t bother to answer any of the questions, the court assumes that they are admitted as true.

In the way of background, Zimmerman is charging that Trayvon Martin’s support team, including Martin’s parents and their attorney Benjamin Crump, knowingly substituted an imposter witness for the real “phone witness” in order to secure Zimmerman’s arrest for the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman and his attorney Larry Klayman were inspired to launch the suit based on the research of filmmaker Joel Gilbert, as seen in his documentary film and book of the same name, “The Trayvon Hoax: Unmasking the Witness Fraud that Divided America.”

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  1. I have been vaguely aware of the alleged Diamond Eugene/Rachel Jeantel switcheroo, but I followed the link to the American a thinker article and wowza. I wish Zimmerman the best on this. It could get very, very interesting.

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