What have we learned so far? ( Part 2)


If you still think you are living in a free country, you might be a few rounds short of a full magazine.


  1. Actually, cleaning and inspecting all of my magazines is part of today’s tasks…and we lost any pretense of being a free country when Habeas Corpus was formally revoked as part of the NDAA.
    Thanks, Obama!

  2. I’d like to reassure any readers here who are afraid the liberals will gain too much power that most of those I have spoken to are reasonably comfortable with those parts of the “Bill of Liberties” that don’t encourage rude or uncouth behavior.

  3. Has anyone told these donut-molesters what happens as a result of this sort of mendacity on their part?

    Is there no one with a bit better education in history who would take a couple of them aside and tell them “You do know that you’re playing with fire – real fire, not metaphorical fire – here, right? Right?”


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