Want To know when you will get your money from the “Trump Bux”?



The IRS has a website that lets you check when you will get your stolen money back, or let you file for it if you haven’t already. it’s pretty simple either way. Even if you don’t file a tax return because you are a welfare queen or on some kind of retirement like social security etc


  1. Shawn,not trying to tell you what to post but feel we are overdue for a little “hate mail”.I will never believe folks being more courteous due to a buggie!The day that happens all is lost!

      • Did you ever read Roland’s rant section back in the day on ATFs ( or that one) website? I still laugh thinking about it. There was some pretty good insight into running a manufacturing business too.

      • No hate mail,now I am actually getting worried!We lose our sense of humor/faux outrage ect. we are really facing dark times!

          • Please do,as I like them,add some disparaging comments about me favorite band Jethro Tull and you will get me going good on some hate,might even spout the many virtues of the famous M-14(ya,been a tough isolation!).

            Seriously,we forget to laugh and have some fun/antics at each others expense country wide is when things get grim!

          • Guess you could mix it up and hit another brand? Buddy of mine got his first AR. Annnnnnd it’s an Anderson : / at least he finally got some kind of long arm.


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