Wuhan Strain Update 4/13/2020

  • Smithfield foods closes world’s largest pork plant, prok shortage panick buy pork!
  • US, Europe see decline in new cases
  • China, Russia report concerning increases in new cases
  • China ends Gilead drug trial hailed as ‘highly successful’ a few days ago
  • Italian death toll passes 20k, mama mia!
  • South America, Africa see acceleration in new cases
  • Cali Gov. says he’ll release plan to reopen economy tomorrow while entire world waits breathlessly
  • Cuomo , noted virus and medical expert that he is, sees vaccine in 12-18 months
  • George Stephanopoulos tests positive for COVID-19. shame.
  • WHO says it will release new guidelines for countries restarting economies as if they have any credibility
  • New York deaths pass 10k
  • Cuomo reports another drop in hospitalizations
  • Florida case total passes 20k
  • Macron extends French lockdown until May 11
  • 6 governors detail plan to work together to reopen states
  • Singapore reports record jump in new cases
  • UK’s top scientific advisor warned against lifting lockdown
  • Global cases top 1.9M, deaths near 120k
  • 2 NYPD detectives die from COVID-19, why is this reported as if they are more important than the regular plebs who died in NYC?
  • Senior Israeli rabbi succumbs to virus oy vey. we need to send them another 3.8 billion in aid
  • EU competition regulator warns about risk of corporate takeovers from China
  • In Ecuador, police move to collect 800 bodies from a hard hit village
  • Trump likely to cut money for WHO. good
  • Iran reports 1,600+ new cases, 100+ deaths. shame
  • Putin warns outbreak getting worse
  • Australia, New Zealand keep restrictions in place despite drop in new cases


  1. How many have had it now and not even noticed it much?I would guess many millions.Sure,wash your hands/let the elderly/ill(combined it seems) have store hours,let the rest of us get back to work!

    • From the limited antibody tests that have been performed: not very many have gotten it yet, even in pretty hard-hit areas.

      It is imperative that we improve testing, both for the live virus and for antibodies. If we do that, we can get a lot of things in gear. If we can’t do that, then we’re just shooting dice.


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