What Have We Learned So Far? Part 1


Thanks to Wuhan strain we are learning a lot these last few weeks.

First we learned that the “Cops Won’t Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws” people are deluded morons.


Now, to most of you who read this website this isn’t gonna come as a surprise. But, I am sure there are a helluva lot of people who may wake up from this. It’s OK though, Trump is sending you a check for 1,200 yankee green backs that already belong to you anyway but the Gov stole.


  1. Not surprised at all. The Gestapo were originally just police.
    Luckily in my neck of the woods the local PD has stayed pretty clean. Not that I trust them or “back the blue” nonsense but the local sheriff made a statement that he won’t be issuing tickets for any thing like this. The most he’ll authorize is for the deputies to ask you to please cover your face or spread out. Probably helps that most of these guys live nearby so aren’t about to start hassling the neighbors. Attitude has been very relaxed thankfully. Think I would lose it if they started acting like these shit heads we keep seeing in the news.

  2. All public officials should have to take a few years of constitutional and civics classes. This is a disgusting display of statist tyranny and “uh I was only following muh orders”. Shame on them, may the reap what they sow.


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