Zeroing His Mini-14



  1. I’ve seen several rifles with barrels that has too slow a twist launch bullets that would keyhole – but not that dependably.

    That’s quite consistent – more consistent keyholing than I have ever seen, and more consistently fully sideways at impact than I’ve ever seen.

    • I gotta steal my moms mini and test it out. I remember it being out of whack but I was also a teen so I really didn’t know what I didn’t know back. I think all I have is M193 or equivalent now though.

  2. The real humor here is that so many are looking at that target and going “Mini-14…? Yeah, looks legit…”.

    I’ve only ever fired a Mini-14 once or twice with a friend who tried telling me how much better than an M-16 or an AK-47 it was. Went to the range with him, along with my much-missed Valmet M76. Still wish I hadn’t traded it for that ACOG, but I was thinking at that point that a.) Trijicon would never be able to keep those in production, and that b.) I’d be able to pick up another Valmet easily enough.

    I am not a prescient man.

    Anyhoo… We shot the two rifles side-by-side. End of the range session, we’d determined two things: One, that the Mini-14 was basically a minute-of-pickup truck rifle past about 50 meters, and that the Valmet put the lie on the proposition that the AK-47 is an inherently inaccurate platform. I do not know what the Finns did with those rifles, but that little-bitty short barrel was a tackdriver out to the range limit of 400 yards. We hit more with that rifle than we did with our issue M-16A1 rifles, which admittedly might have been due to those M-16s being seriously used and abused examples.

    Mini-14s do not interest me at all, and never have since that day on the range. I don’t know what Ruger was thinking with them, but I’ll tell you this much: Only a complete idiot would select one over an M16 of any variety or barrel length.


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