HR 6006/S.3348 & HR 5917/S.3299



  1. Rope. Tree. Politician. Some assembly required.

    Doesn’t really surprise me that the two assclown “Republicans” co-sponsoring this travesty are both New Yorkers. At some point in the future, we’re going to have to hold a plebiscite on the question of whether or not we allow these deep blue states to remain in the Union with the rest of us, because it’s becoming increasingly clear that they have “moved on”, and no longer regard themselves as American citizens like the “rest of us”.

    I wonder if there’s ever been a historical precedent for fighting a civil war to throw regions out of a country…? Can’t think of one, but I can damn sure think of reasons why we ought to start.

  2. I hate liberals for the mealy mouthed chicken shit hypocrites and moral cowards they are.

    “Liberal Republicans” like this are the worst of the lot and I curse them thusly
    “May you see yourself clearly and know who you are when it is too late to change”


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