Commie Cough Update 4/10/2020

  • Global new cases stabilize as deaths in US, UK continue to climb
  • White House readying plan to start reopening the economy by May 1
  • Global coronavirus deaths have topped 100k
  • Feud between Taiwan and WHO intensifies as Dr. Tedros accuses Taiwanese gov’t of smear campaign
  • Javits Center, UNSN Comfort mostly empty of patients as hospitalization rate drops
  • England’s death toll tops 8k
  • Iran accelerates sale of gov’t assets as pressure on regime intensifies
  • Malaysia extends lockdown as cases in Southeastern Asia spike
  • New York sees negative ICU admissions for first time
  • Turkey death toll tops 1k
  • Deaths in Spain continue to decline
  • UK deaths see another record jump
  • Italy reports drop in hospitalizations, ICU admissions, as new cases, deaths continue to decline
  • Chicago mayor breaks up “underage drinking party” while personally enforcing social distancing
  • Israel confirmed case total passes 10k
  • LA launches task force to test deputies at home


  1. The economic cost will kills us.I am all for washing hands/hours for seniors/ill folks in stores(seems a bad combo but what do I know)but let the rest of us get back to work and if you are in a high risk group isolate(and give em a hand if you can safely)otherwise the death count will be very high in the coming months/years.I know may seem hard hearted and to a degree is but keep in mind me mum is one of those seniors with not the best of health,she is a retired VA doc and she agrees with me.

  2. There is some seriously bad news on the Virus front, Boris Johnson survived.

    And I know it is off topic, but the next person who says “But Tom, I thought you were a liberal” is going to get slapped so hard their teeth will land in Southern Oregon.

  3. Watch for instability coming out of the EU now. I think this episode is going to spell the eventual end of the EU. The way the EU stiffed Italy has been reinforced this week by a court decision that tells Hungary, Poland, et al that they cannot close their borders to ‘refugees.’

    Just when you think Brussels has hit peak stupidity, they go and exceed themselves.

    • The EU and the Eurozone came within about a whisker of collapsing back in ‘09-‘10 when Greece underwent its financial collapse, with Portugal, Italy, Ireland and Spain not far behind. The UK has shown that the exit door works. I expect a preference cascade following the UK out the door.


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