Winchester Model 75


The Winchester Model 75 is one of my favorite target rimfires. It was developed and sold as a more affordable option to the EXCELLENT Model 52. The 75 came with match iron sights and was drilled to accept target blocks for mounting of optics like the Unertl scope.

The rifle has a detachable magazine. It uses the same magazine as the winchester model 52 so the 5 and 10 rounders will work, same as the mag block to make the gun single shot.

You can see the mag release button on the side. Also note the target block on the barrel in front of the receiver and the match rear sight.

While the 75 was intended to be a cheaper option, the rifles are still very accurate. It doesn’t weigh as much as the 52 so it’s not quite as steady in the hands from position shooting with a sling. The Model 75 is just a great rifle from a time when companies cared about making things like this.


  1. I noticed that one of the local Merchants of Death had one of those on offer and kinda thinking I should go take a good lookit it being as how they’re an essential business and all.

    Besides cost, another thing guns like the 75 and the Remington 513T were good at was being light enough that youngsters could handle them, which for many the Winchester 52 and Remington 37 and 40X were just too dang heavy.


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