Ugh, I hate rust.


Left some of my cheap practical steel cased ammo in the truck of my car. Went to do some training today and found it was rusty.

I decided I was going to go ahead and use it, perhaps get the chance to practice my malfunction drills. I found that the B&T APC9K ate up this rusty ammo with no complaints. Only had one failure to fire on the Sig M17.

Really goes to show the value of proper ammo storage.


    • We usually call that “rot”, but yes.
      I remember patrolling in Fort AP Hill. We would go on a 4 hour foot patrol and our weapons would be covered in rust by the time we returned to the patrol base.

        • Things get dry where you live?
          I’ve been to Arizona. Nice place, but a little cold for my liking.
          I once got in an internet argument with someone from AZ who claimed you never needed to clean after shooting corrosive ammo since it wouldn’t make the guns rust. I was trying to explain to him that in FL the guns will rust while you are shooting that ammo.

          • Yeah, my towel is dry every morning.

            My uncle does the snowbird thing between New England and Florida’s Gulf Coast. He was surprised that as warm as it is here in AZ in the winter, nobody uses their swimming pool in the winter. Swimming in 50 degree water is no fun, especially when you get out of the pool and the dew point is below freezing.

            It doesn’t properly get cold here in the low desert, but it does get a little chilly sometimes. I love having the mountains, though.

  1. “Really goes to show the value of proper ammo storage.”

    Ummm… Didn’t your experience at the range kinda show the opposite? I mean, if it all worked except for one misfire…?

    • I’d say one misfire in modern ammunition is unacceptable. Now if I was shooting some surplus from the 1940s, that would be a different story.


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