H&K SDMR Rifles Shipping


The first completed batch of M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifles (SDMR) is headed out of HK’s Columbus Georgia facility after being born at Oberndorf. (Photo: HK-USA)

Heckler & Koch announced Thursday the first batch of Squad Designated Marksman Rifles left the HK-USA facility in Georgia, headed for the U.S. Army.

The platform, designated the SDMR in military service, is a variant of HK’s 7.62 mm NATO G28/HK417. The base rifles are produced at HK’s factory at Oberndorf, Germany then shipped to the States where HK-USA workers in Columbus, Georgia install optics and accessories drawn from a dozen U.S.-based manufacturers.

This shipment headed to Uncle Sam is the first as the Army will eventually receive between 5,000 and 6,000 complete SDMR systems, which will filter down to the squad-level when fully fielded.

HK is also supplying the Army with the G28-based M110A1 Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System– which uses a Schmidt & Bender 3–20×50 PM II on a Geissele mount with accessories to include an OSS SRM6 suppressor and Harris bipod– earlier this year pulling down a $33 million award for both rifles. Meanwhile, the Marines have been fielding the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR), a variant of the 5.56mm NATO HK416, in serious numbers for the past decade.

The M110A1 SDMR variant in all its glory, complete with HK German roll marks, offset backup sights, a Geissele mount, OSS suppressor, Harris bipod and Sig Tango6 optic. (Photo: U.S. Army)


I have a lot of doubts about this rifle. A piston is just not needed first off. The over hype and claims of less cleaning is something I can see become an issue once this thing hits the field. For the casual gun user, HK marketing has been effective at making the less knowledgeable believe the piston does everything from get you chicks to regrow your hair.

The other HK 762 rifle did not impress me with its reliability if you recall.


  1. I guess I’m still back on some more mundane questions.

    Like “Why are we exporting our defense dollars to the malignant Huns?”

    Why doesn’t our DOD support the American arms industry? As we’ve just seen with the Chinese and medical supplies, exporting industries which one really needs when the crap hits the fan turns out to be a short-sighted strategy…

  2. What, precisely, does this rifle have that someone like LMT couldn’t have provided?

    Frankly, HK sells overpriced equipment whose benefits are highly questionable, and whose cachet with the “cool guys” is way higher than it ought to be. I remain dubious of just about everything they have on offer, and entirely cynical about how thoroughly they’ve penetrated our procurement process via strategic job offers for the brass and lower-level “influencers”. I’ve yet to see anything of theirs that couldn’t have been provided by a US supplier for a lot less money.

    Honestly, though? HK has always gotten by on “connection”, rather than actual value provided. The largest part of the reason why they went bankrupt after the Berlin Wall came down was due to the fact that the rank-and-file Bundeswehr guys were tired of their endless end-runs around to the politicians. What probably did them in was the HK insistence on the G11, and the way they forced the BW to drastically lower the standards on the rifle’s performance via the application of pressure on politicians in Bonn. The alacrity and joy with which that program got cut from the post-unification arms program tells us a lot… G11 was not, and still isn’t, ready for primetime use by anyone. The poor bastards in the US who bought into the caseless hype and actually got suckered into buying the TDP from HK and Dynamit Nobel, thinking it was ready to go? LOL… Suckers!

    Frankly, f**k HK. I’ll never put a dime into their pockets, and I hope that every one of those compromised pricks who’ve enabled them to leach off our defense dollars wind up contracting syphigonorheatitus from whatever set of raddled-out whores that the HK reps bought them.

    Over they years, I’ve run into precisely nothing with an HK logo on it that wasn’t an overpriced prima-donna of a firearm, and I remain convinced that their primary product is hype.

  3. In a lot if ways the management at HK is the same as Colt.

    I thinks that Knights and LMT had better offerings. Imagine a LE901 with a proper match barrel and set up for that competition

  4. Is the insistence on a piston something to do with expecting to be suppressed more often than not? I’ve heard it’s preferable to a DI but I have no idea. I would think the DI would be more inherently accurate with the lack of moving parts. Plus don’t these AR piston guns have issues with carrier tilt? You guys no more than I do.


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