Wuhan COVID-19 Update 4/6/2020


Here are the numbers for the first day of what is supposed to be the deadliest two weeks we will see in the US.

  • First ‘confrontation’ reported at White House task force
  • Boris Johnson moved to ICU. Not looking good for the UK version of Trump.
  • ‘Peak week’ begins in the US
  • Experts question drop in NYC hospitalizations, deaths
  • Situation in Italy, Spain continues to improve as UK reports biggest jump in fatalities
  • Belgium cases break above 20k
  • Russia reports biggest jump in new cases
  • Iranian official death toll nears 4k
  • Tokyo reports another 50+ cases
  • UK death toll tops 50k
  • NY reports disappointing jump in deaths
  • Italy reports drop in cases, jump in deaths
  • Global death passes 70k
  • NYC expected to see 876 deaths during Thursday’s “peak”
  • More experts warn deaths being undercounted in NYC
  • Germany releases plan to get “back to normal” by April 19
  • Worker at Georgia nuclear power plant tests positive
  • Cuomo doubles fine for breaking ‘social distancing’ rules, because laws always work.
  • Spain sees drop in deaths
  • SK reports fewest new cases in weeks
  • 3rd passenger dies aboard “Coral Princess”
  • Abe rolls out state of emergency to begin Tuesday
  • Trump “optimistic” about Sunday’s data
  • Hospital operator Quorum facing bankruptcy amidst global health crisis


  1. You might want to check a couple of those numbers. The UK lists 51000 infected, and almost 6000 dead, not 50000 dead. The distinction is important.

  2. The numbers are being cooked, a bunch I’d bet. Rumor has it-it’s all rumors-if you get killed by a train and the remnants test positive you are a wuflu stat.

    What happens next year when some schmoe in Bangkock gets the next virus from tainted panda testicles? Do we shut the whole county down out of an abundance of caution?

    And the next year?


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