Some Colt .22 Semi Autos


I ran across these two classic Colt .22rimfire handguns. Above is the ACE 1911 chambered in 22 long rifle in beautiful condition. Below is one of colt target 22 masterpieces. A very hi quality pistol in a line of target semi auto 22s who died when the ultra cheap ruger pistol flooded the market. The Colt couldn’t compete with cheap mass produced economy pistol.

The Match Target , the Huntsman and The Woodsman family of Colt 2 semi autos have now sadly gone the way of Disco music and gasoline with leads in it. They are very high quality and accurate handguns and I always advise picking one up if the chance arrives. I may or may not have more to say about these three guns later this week.


  1. I love those Woodsmans. I don’t know a lot about them, but they are gorgeous and I’ve heard nothing but good things.

  2. Colt could still be making the Woodsman line, if they didn’t have idiots who thought that they had to compete with the Ruger pistols.

    For starters, the Ruger pistols are very basic, and it is difficult to get a nice trigger job on them. Oh, you can improve the Ruger’s stock trigger, but in terms of how much you pay a gunsmith to do it? You’re often better just getting a Volquartsen trigger part kit, and when you’re done, you’ve probably sunk $200 in parts into a Ruger Mk II, III or IV. Suddenly, that Ruger isn’t looking so cheap any more.

    Then, go look at what Volquartsen is charging for one of their Ruger-inspired target pistols – over $1K. Suddenly, it looks like a Woodsman could have competed in the market quite easily.

    Once again, we see that a gun manufacture was stupid in how they perceived the market. The Woodsman series of pistols sold like hotcakes. The target versions are quite nice. The S&W Model 41 could still compete.

    I shoot bullseye with a S&W Model 41. It’s the most commonly seen gun on the bullseye line. You can get a Clark barrel for them that makes them even more accurate than they were from the factory, if you want to spring the money. But the Target Woodsman was certainly able to compete for those shooters who used them. Today, the Target models in nice shape are almost too valuable to take out on a firing line.

    My wager is that if Colt brought back the Target model, and they put a really nice blueing job on it, with a nice set of walnut grips, they could sell a bunch of them.

    • I Can’t agree with you on that last bit. no one wants those guns anymore the agr group that does is dying off and younger buyers arent interested in buying and owning the kind of stuff we like. as colt’s they would sell because colt fanatics like me and the boys in the colt collectors association would buy them but there is no market for guns like that these days. it would be a loss leader at best

      • Very true. My buddy tried to sell me one a bunch of times but I honestly had no interest. I recognize it’s quality but just didn’t do it for me. It’s a shrinking pool of buyers. Never a good one to take a high dive into


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