Released From Prison In Time To Be Shot


Possible Gay Night Club at the scene of the shooting

Three days after a reputed 6th Ward gang leader was released from jail — in part because of the danger posed to inmates by the novel coronavirus — he was shot dead on the block where police accused him of peddling heroin.


The Sunday afternoon death of 33-year-old Glynn McCormick has already emerged as a flash point in the debate over releases from local jails as the coronavirus infects more inmates and staffers.

At least the tax payers have been saved a few bucks.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro said a state judge went too far in springing a man accused of a long list of criminal behavior. McCormick’s attorney accused the DA of playing politics with a homicide.

The debate comes as the New Orleans jail’s population dips to historically low numbers. On Monday, the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office had 834 people in custody, down more than 200 from when the coronavirus crisis began in Louisiana.

Things are indeed strange on Plague Planet.


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