It sucks getting old. . .


I had a Surefire weapon light sitting on my work bench and I came to find that the little plastic cap over the tap switch hole had grown brittle and shattered from age.

I’m a little disappointed Surefire used a plastic that would fail in the ~20 or so years this thing is old. But I decided to start going though items I haven’t used in a while and inspect them. I found some of my 16 year old Camelback plastic was degrading. One of the mouth pieces snapped on one when I was checking them out. I’ll probably toss out the old bladders and get a new bladder for one of them. I don’t need 4 of them any more.

I’d been working on my SHTF/Survival preps recently. COVID-19 has got me focusing on them even more. So I’ve been pulling out and inspecting all this stuff. I had a bunch more waterproof matches than I would have guessed. But there were some items that had degraded in storage.

That was a signal mirror that came in some cheap kit. The mirror was in plastic, and the silver backing of the mirror stuck to the plastic and peeled right off it.

I found much of this stuff covered by a fine grey powder. I suspect that the magnesium fire starter I have shed some magnesium oxide. So I had to clean stuff up and I think that magnesium fire starter will get packed in ziplock or something similar.

There was a little package of emergency water. It was long past its’ expiration date.

Ugh, everything is perishable. We have got to inspect and update our preparations.


  1. Don’t forget to check any disposable lighters too, they frequently suffer from “flint rot” even when stored in good conditions. The thumb wheel just spins and that same grey powder is all over…


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