Democrats using confusion & national attention on pandemic to try to pass more gun laws.


First they introduced the mother of all gun control bills in January, with everything from a registry, to a magazine and AW ban, red flag law, “safe” storage law, ammo registry and BGC, etc, and a matching bill in the Senate by Elizabeth Warner in March.

If that wasn’t enough, now two REPUBLICANS are sponsoring a bill to implement a national computerized database of firearms purchased, sold, manufactured or imported in the United States – and – giving the ATF and the federal government electronic access to the information contained in the Form 4473 you fill out when getting a background check at a licensed gun dealer!

This would all be done without a warrant or a court order, overturning current law that says the federal government is barred from creating a searchable database of this information.  H.R. 6006 and S. 3348 would grant them FULL ACCESS!

The Left and Right are clearly using the Coronavirus as cover to crap on our rights, and restrict the 2nd amendment in every way they can imagine.

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  1. The statists are not going to stop until they are decorating the cherry trees around the National Mall, hung from hemp ropes.

    Get used to the idea that these people are no longer our fellow citizens, and that they have determined to make themselves our public masters. It’s your choice whether or not to acquiesce, and one day we will all be forced to make a decision about how much of their power-seeking behavior we will put up with before we put a stop to it.

    Frankly, I think a lot of legislators need to be hung–If only to make the point that they are not the master of us, and are actually our employees. Professional politicians have no place in a Republic, and you can analyze much of the fear and loathing they have of Trump (and, people like former Alaskan Governor Palin) as being accomplished political outsiders. They don’t like having “the people” jostling their elbows as they incompetently play at being our betters.

    I am reluctantly coming to the conclusion that the only way to fix a lot of this is to put the fear of God into the political class by killing a few of them, or getting rid of it entirely. Nobody in a truly functional representative republic should be able to make a living as a politician. Period.

      • I’m equal-opportunity about it all–I’m for hanging the RINOS right next to the Democrat-Socialists. They’re all equally culpable.

        Like I said–A republic cannot survive a separate political class coming into being, and then manipulating the power of government to create a self-perpetuating oligarchic kleptocracy. Which is what we now have, de facto. Should anyone doubt me, note the utter lack of any punishment for any of the clownshoe-wearing idiots in the FBI, CIA, or DOJ who just tried pulling off a coup in plain sight. Most people in this country are too naive to even recognize what has been going on for the last three years, and could really care less.

        • Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were arrested in 1950 and executed for treason in 1953, 3.5 years later.

          Our modern-day seditionists, on the other hand, get book tours and cable news contracts.

          • They missed the rest of the traitors, though. FDR’s administration was so thoroughly penetrated by the Communists that we might just as well have had Stalin calling the shots for a lot of WWII. The Rosenbergs were just the tip of the penis penetrating our government.

            The trouble with McCarthy wasn’t that he was wrong, but that he was inept and played right into their hands, enabling decades of future subornation and destructive treason in our State Department and other branches of government. They should have gone through everything with fire and sword, and rooted out every last one of the bastards. Instead, we’ve got what we’ve got, and it’s literally killing our civilization.

          • Hard agree on all counts.

            It’s interesting, though, isn’t it, that they felt they had to give the Rosenbergs the chair when today they aren’t even bothering to hand out wrist slaps?


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