Classic Varminting Rifle


A friend shared these photos on a group I belong to. A very nice Stevens single shot done up as a varmint rifle in the classic wildcat round the 22 K hornet. A serious combination for a serious varmint hunting rifleman in the day.

I have had a thing with the custom varmint rifles built off single shot actions like the Stevens and the Winchester Highwalls and Low walls for a long time. Something about those single shot actions, a heavy barrel and a Unertl have always appealed to me.

Around 2000-2001, I came very close to having a custom Highwall made by Ballard Cartridge company. My hang up was I never could decide what to have it chambered for and the lack of decision ended up going so long I ended up using the money I had saved for it on a high end Model 70 target rifle instead.



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