As things fall apart and the end draws nigh, the crazies really come out don’t they?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A train engineer intentionally drove a speeding locomotive off a track at the Port of Los Angeles because he was suspicious about the presence of a Navy hospital ship docked there to help during the coronovirus crisis, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.’

Seems like a rational reasoned action to take to me.

The locomotive crashed through a series of barriers and fences before coming to rest more than 250 yards (230 meters) from the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship Mercy on Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a release.

Nobody was hurt.

Eduardo Moreno, 44, was charged with one count of train wrecking, prosecutors said. It wasn’t immediately known if he has an attorney. Is that even real? Probably since every conceivable thing has a law in CA.

CHIEF-“Book him boys.”

Top Men- “On what charge chief?”

CHIEF- “1st degree chain wrecking”

Moreno acknowledged in two separate interviews with law enforcement that he intentionally derailed and crashed the train near the Mercy, according to the criminal complaint.

“You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to,” Moreno told investigators, according to the complaint. “People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”



  1. He tried to ram a train… into a ship? How did he think this was going to turn out?

    Maybe when the only tool you have is a train, every problem looks like a jogging high schooler with earbuds and a hoodie?

  2. What I don’t get is this:

    Look at how much un-tracked ground that locomotive would have had to cover to reach the ship.

    Did he think locomotives coult fly?

    • That’s exactly where I got stuck. Leave it to the two of us to try to think through the practicalities of this kind of lunacy.

  3. According to legal blog loweringthebar.net train wrecking is a federal crime 18 USC section 1992 and appears to go all the way back to the 19 the century.
    Doesn’t make this guy any less stupid or crazy, but they do get to make a federal case out of it.

    • Oh, make no mistake about it. There are some places in the US where you can “make a federal case” out of some very simple stupidity.

      Planes, trains and mines (coal mines, iron mines, gold mines, etc) are three such places.


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