Covid-19 Wuhan Strain Update 4/1/2020


Here is your mid week Wuhan Strain Update. A little bit more than normal since a lot has happened the last few days. If you are tired of hearing about it ,just skip it. Can’t blame you if you do. This is distilled info from the day to make it as short and painless as possible.

  • Iran reports 138 deaths on Wednesday
  • UK death toll jumps 563 as more than 4k deaths confirmed globally overnight
  • Germany has extended its national social distancing ‘guidelines’
  • New York State death toll nears 2k
  • 6 week old infant dies in Conn.
  • China reinstates travel bans as virus bounces back. more below
  • India reports new batch of cases as lockdown cuts down on harmful emissions
  • Hong Kong closes bars, karaoke lounges, beauty salons and other public areas as new cases jump
  • Japan closes borders to travelers from 73 countries, including UK and US
  • FDA reports shortages of malaria drugs touted by Trump
  • Russia sends planeload of medical products to US in smart PR move though they soon wish they kept it
  • Saudi hints that annual Hajj pilgrimage will be banned this year
  • UN says outbreak “most challenging crisis we have faced since WWII”
  • Fla. Gov orders residents to stay home except for essential activities.
  • US case total nears 200k
  • Italian finance minister says government agrees with business lobby’s projection for 6% GDP contraction
  • Spanish cases top 100k
  • CDC continues “review” of facemask recommendation
  • France rolls out new stimulus package as ‘coronabonds’ proposal dies out
  • 1000 sailors removed from USS Roosevelt
  • UK pubs hatch plan to become grocers
  • Thai government puts thousands at risk with botched hand-out program
  • Chinese provinces report 56 ‘asymptomatic’ cases

According to local media reports, on March 29, Henan Province broke its 30-day streak of reporting no new coronavirus cases, saying one person tested positive after a trip to Pingdingshan, where Jia County is located.  Specifically, on Saturday, Henan province reported one confirmed case in Luohe city; local authorities said the infected person had been in contact with two doctors based in Jia county who later tested positive for the virus even though they had showed no symptoms.

As a result, Bloomberg adds that starting April 1, all residential compounds will be under “closed-off management” and all residents need to wear masks and have temperature taken entering or exiting the compounds.

And so the virus is back to China, despite the best intentions of the Chinese World Health Organization and its Beijing sponsors to make it seem that China had managed to defeat the virus.

Needless to say this is a problem, because the risk of stop-start restrictions on people’s movements mean that any calls for a V-shaped rebound in global economies and stocks can now be ignored as China will soon be forced to go through the entire shut down exercise all over again.

In what appears to be the youngest confirmed death involving COVID-19, a 6 week old infant from the Hartford, Conn.-area has died after testing positive for the novel coronavirus, Conn. Gov. Ned Lamont said Wednesday.

In other news, newborn dies from Wuhan Strain.

“This is absolutely heartbreaking,” Lamont said. “We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19.”

“This is a virus that attacks our most fragile without mercy. This also stresses the importance of staying home and limiting exposure to other people. Your life and the lives of others could literally depend on it. Our prayers are with the family at this difficult time.”

There have been reports of infants dying from COVID-19 in Asia, as well as across the US, though not all have been confirmed.

At just 6 weeks old, this patient is likely the youngest in the world to die from complications due to COVID-19.”

President Trump warned Americans to get ready Two weeks that may be very brutal. Meanwhile, global cases have reached 754,948 as of Wednesday morning, according to the WHO. The global death toll has hit 36,571.

Here’s a quick breakdown of global hotspots:

  • US total cases 188,639 (prev. 188,530), death toll 4,059 (prev. 4,053).
  • ITALY total cases (prev. 105,792), death toll (prev. 12,428).
  • SPAIN total cases 102,136 (prev. 95,923), death toll 9,053 (prev. 8,464).
  • CHINA total cases 81,554 (prev. 81,518), death toll 3,312 (prev. 3,305).
  • GERMANY total cases 72,383 (prev. 71,808), death toll 788 (prev. 775).
  • FRANCE total cases (prev. 52,128), death toll (prev. 3,523).
  • UK total cases (prev. 25,150), death toll (prev. 1,789).
  • SWITZERLAND total cases (prev. 16,605), death toll (prev. 433).
  • NETHERLANDS total cases (prev. 12,595), death toll (prev. 1,039).
  • SOUTH KOREA total cases 9,887 (prev. 9,786), death toll 165 (prev. 162).


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