Najaf Roof Firefight Video ( An Oldie But A Goodie)


The press release from Blackwater got me thinking about this video. Filmed by another Blackwater employee in Iraq, we get to see Travis Haley shooting up insurgents or commies or whatever it was from the top of a building with a scoped AR15. Many moons ago when TH was active on Barfcom, I recall him saying that he used MK 262 ammo in his AR15. The gun was a 20 inch Bushmaster with an ARMS railed handguard provided by Blackwater to their contractors. I think that Haley’s skill is unquestionable and he would have been a success without this video ever being seen by the public. However, I think a argument could be made that this video is what rocketed him up into the stratosphere of the celebrity gunworld and training circles. If you have never seen it before, it is well worth the time. If you have, then its still a helluva lot of fun to watch again.

This video below is Travis talking about the event and adding context 10 years later. You will get to see his replica of the rifle he used on that day.


  1. I love this video…one of the best things on SocialistTube. I am surprised the queens of the Tube haven’t removed it yet because.of the icky firearms. Lol.


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