Some Oddball Vietnam War Tiger Stripe


Since I brought up Vietnam war tigers stripe pattern the other day, I thought I would show you guys some of the more rare variants.

Te one above is not seen often. It seems this one is heavily inspired by the “lizzard pattern ” french camo that a lot of people think may have been the inspiration for all tiger stripe patterns.

Blew is one called “monster tigers” and is a real oddball.

A lot of people think the US issued tigers for out special forces troops to wear. The tigers were never a US made and officially issued uniform. Tigers aren’t even a pattern thought up in Vietnam by the Viets. It appears most likely the pattern was cooked up in Japan and was purchased and given to the South Vietnamese by the US as war aid to help outfit them. The “john Wayne” pattern from yesterday was made in Okinawa during the war. The whole thing and history on all the patterns is still pretty murky and I doubt we will never be able to have a real detailed history of just where all these cool patterns cam from.


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