Wuhan Virus Update 3/26/2020

  • USS TR heads home after outbreak of 25 cases on the ship after stop in Vietnam
  • Miami enacts curfew
  • New York City hospitals report “apocalyptic” surge in cases
  • Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is overwhelmed with new cases
  • More than 500k volunteers sign up to help the NHS in Britain proving volunteerism works better than socialism
  • 500k COVID-19 cases diagnosed
  • Italy reports largest batch of new cases in 5 days
  • New Orleans hosts major outbreak
  • NJ reports another 2k+ cases, 19 deaths
  • Inmate in Washington DC tests positive
  • NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell tests positive. not another rich CEO!! NOOOOOO!!
  • India passes $22.6 billion bailout package
  • Tokyo reports 40 cases for 2nd day in a row
  • A record 3.3 million Americans file for unemployment.ouch
  • China bans entry of foreigners
  • 157 more deaths reported in Iran
  • Putin shuts down Moscow, delays vote on constitutional measures
  • Wednesday was deadliest yet in US
  • President Xi calls on nations to improve policy coordination to avoid a recession…..lol
  • US accelerates into more state control of everything.


  1. “More than 500k volunteers sign up to help the NHS in Britain proving volunteerism works better than socialism”

    Just like those 300k Chinese volunteers in the Korean War, eh?

  2. I heard on the radio today there’s about 70,000 cases in the US, about 1000 dead. Doing the math, that’s about 1.4%. Which is just a little bit above the regular flu. If the death rate doesn’t get dramatically worse, I think this whole thing is vastly exaggerated, and we’ve burnt our economy down over something that happens every year anyway.

    • yes you are correct, this is looking like its really not bad, they have been revising their estimates all day and started to slowly change the narrative to get people ready for when they say “oops”

    • The death rate for the flu is approximately .1%, so 1.4% is an entire order of magnitude worse.

      How can anyone look at what happened in China and what is happening in Italy, and what is on the brink of happening in NYC and conclude, on March 26th, that this is “a little bit above the regular flu”?

      Go ahead and pull up a calculator. Type in 330,000,000 for how many people are in the US. Then type in .5 for the fraction of people estimated to have contracted Spanish Flu. Then type in .014 for your own estimated death rate. See how many dead bodies pop out of your calculator. And then tell me that this is pretty much a flu.

  3. Now, John, How much does an order of magnitude matter between friends?
    After all it’s certainly close enough for Government work.
    Later, time to put on my Tyvek suit and head to the doctor’s office.

    • Tom,

      May the Lord bless you and keep you, and may you place yourself into the loving arms of Jesus in this difficult time.


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