Wuflu Update 3/25/2020

  • Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus. shame
  • House delays stimulus-bill vote until tomorrow
  • Singapore, Tokyo report largest daily jump in new cases
  • Lombardy cases report another decline
  • Italy reports broader decline in cases
  • Global total ~438k, 19,600 deaths
  • Spain deaths pass mainland China total
  • 1/3 of global population facing movement restriction
  • Spain asks NATO for assistance
  • Spanish deputy PM tests positive
  • France confirms another jump in cases, deaths as police issue 100,000 fines
  • Deal struck on $2 trillion US rescue bill
  • Thailand latest to announce lockdown
  • Germany, Japan scramble to pass their own rescue legislation
  • US case total ~55k, death toll ~750
  • Indian governor defies lockdown
  • Pakistan PM facing “increased pressure” to impose lockdown
  • Switzerland tightens borders
  • ECB says it’s in favor of activating OMT if necessary
  • Putin tells Russians to stay home
  • Bank of Spain warns about economic fallout
  • Maryland requests disaster declaration after Trump declares La. “major disaster”
  • Taiwan announces 19 new cases
  • WHO expresses concerns about US outbreak
  • 3 Navy sailors test positive
  • Britain’s NHS recruits more than 150k volunteers overnight
  • UK shuts Parliament Wednesday night
  • Mali becomes 44th African country to confirm COVID-19

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  1. So my Mum has lupus and has an actual need to take hydroxychloroquinesulfate.

    However in her town we can’t get any for her. The pharmacist informed us that the local Doctors had all been prescribing it to themselves and their families.

    There are no coronavirus cases diagnosed there.

  2. The fact that Prince Charles has come down with ths bug proves that it is Heir borne.

    Good riddance, the only use I have for Royalty is as a decoration on lamp posts.


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