Tom Selleck Owned Colt Junior 22 Short – With Documentation


Man I like Tom Selleck. As a solid Gen X’er , Magnum PI was one of the people that forever imprinted on me what being “cool” is. Selleck along with Michael Biehn who played Reese and Hicks in Aliens and Terminator, Optimus Prime and Sonny Crockett went right in there with my Dad for role models.

Well Quigly himself is selling one of his personal guns. Not a screen used gun but one of his own.

Selleck is a well known “gun guy” and it’s clear by the honest wear on this little pimp gun that Tom liked using it. You can also see by the original box and paperwork that he cares about guns not only for their utility and fun but also their historical value.

Price is too high for me, I can’t afford 8,000 dollar stripper magpul lowers, and it’s not the kind of pistol that does anything for me anyway. But it’s fun to look at a gun owned by an iconic actor that is a huge supporter of our rights.


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