Wuhan Virus Update 3/23/2020

  • Japan PM Abe says world “not ready” to hold Olympics
  • Australia and Canada pull athletes from the games
  • Spain reports 26% jump in deaths on Sunday
  • Largest 2-day jump in global cases reported over the weekend
  • Spain follows Italy by extending quarantine
  • 1 in 3 Americans begin Monday under lockdown
  • India shutters domestic transit even as ‘official’ cases remain low
  • Trump sends National Guard troops to New York, California & Washington
  • Fed delivers latest bazooka blast with another massive monetary stimulus
  • Senate holds second stimulus vote
  • Amazon doubles workers overtime pay


  1. I feel that those who are elderly/have other health issues at real risk,the rest of us,not so much.

    Sure,try and keep clean/help those who need it,supermarkets in my area have hours only for seniors/people with health issues,all good.

    That said,those who keep the whole country shut down will cause much more damage and death long term.

    Will be nice if the malaria tabs actually do the trick,that said,we will have a lot of clean up no matter what to get the country going again.

  2. The M. family went from the “don’t know anyone with Covid” category to the “We personally know two unrelated suspected cases” category today midday.

    I knew we would get here, so no surprise there, but I was a little surprised to see two unrelated cases pop in the same day.

    The most recent contact we have with either was two weeks ago. That’s a little close for comfort, but I think we’ll be fine.

    • At the risk of turning this into the M. family Covid dashboard, I can now add one confirmed WuFlu case to the two suspected cases I posted about an hour or so ago.

      We do not live in any of the states that are leading the news on this (WA, NY, CA).

      Around here, it seemed like things accelerated very rapidly the week of March 9th, then slowed down the week of the 16th, and are now accelerating again. I suspect that we are running about 2-3 weeks behind California in terms of impact and government response.

  3. My guess on all this is that the only reason this is coming out is the fact that we can now test for it. Two months ago, it was “flu-like symptoms of unknown etiology”, and if you died, it would have been ascribed to bad luck and a severe case of the flu.

    I’m telling you… The COVID-19 virus has been here for months. The idea that it just suddenly jumped containment and got over here in the last few weeks is patently very unlikely, given what we know about how it transmitted in China in terms of the asymptomatic transmission feature. The first cases showed up in China back in what, November? How long did it take for them to figure out they had a problem? December? How many travelers from that part of China did we have, before Trump shut down the borders?

    It is highly, highly unlikely that this crap just showed up here. What we’re seeing is the result of hundreds of thousands (if not millions…) of us having it, and the percentages shaking out for severe responses.

    I’m telling you, when and if they’re able to go back and check, I’d wager that they’re going to find that a huge swathe of the population has had this crap already, and that it’s already virtually endemic.

    Look at the ease with which this stuff spreads, and the late date we closed the borders. It’s been here, folks.

    What’s going to be interesting is the overall fallout from the response measures we’re taking. I wouldn’t rule out anything, but I think we’ll probably come through it all.

    • I was inclined to agree with you on this until I saw a stat out of Seattle a couple of weeks ago that 90% of tests were coming back negative.

      Given how precious the tests have been, I assume that most of the folks getting tested are showing symptoms. Which tells me that WuFlu isn’t as widespread as I had thought.

      (Caveats: statistics in the middle of this crisis; what’s the false negative rate on the Covid tests, etc.)

      Now, given the rate at which the beautiful people seem to be getting tested (Hey! We need to test two entire NBA teams tonight. Done! And can someone please get convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein a Covid test? Done!), maybe the 90% negative rate is from celebrities and politicians getting themselves tested every day just in case while Sarah from the nursing home self-quarantines with no info.

      • I honestly don’t know. There’s something very flaky with all this–Like, why the hell aren’t the homeless camps filled with hacking coughs and piled-up bodies of the dead? If there’s a vulnerable part of the population that ought to be dying like flies, that’s it. And, from what I can tell, they are not.

        I am not taking this lightly, at all, but there is something severely out of kilter with a lot of this. If it wasn’t COVID-19 that was going around and making everyone sick as a dog, (still suffering symptoms, here…) what the hell was it?

        Not to mention, as I said, there is the little issue of the lengthy period there in November and December where everyone was all fat and happy. I do not see how it could be at all possible that there weren’t asymptomatic carriers wandering around with the disease all over the world’s airports, and given the way this has blown up in Iran and China where there were extensive contacts and travel going on during that time frame, something is up.

        I suspect that there are some unique features to this disease, and that is one reason why it isn’t behaving the way we think it should. I also suspect that there is a lot of stuff about it that the governments aren’t telling us, because with the reported numbers we have? I just don’t see the Chinese doing what they did with shutting down their economy. As well, there’s that huge number of dropped cell phone accounts in mainland China, which is highly indicative of either a bunch of lying liars lying about the number of customers they have, or a whole bunch of people have died and no longer need their cell phones–Which every Chinese citizen has to have, just to get around for daily life.

        Whatever the hell is going on, I’m baffled. Everywhere you look, inconsistencies and key indicators that are just… Off.


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