Wuhan Red Flu Update 3/20/2020


Relevant info summed up.

  • Hong Kong reports largest daily jump in cases on record as travelers revive outbreak
  • NY rolls out restrictive new measures. something NY loves to do
  • NY case total tops 7k
  • Italy says Army will help enforce lockdown, effectively declaring martial law; might extend lockdown through early May
  • Spain death toll cracks 1,000
  • Italy reports another 627 deaths
  • Confirmed cases in US pass 14k
  • Drive thru testing site in NJ’s Bergen County has a line that’s over 1,000+ cars long
  • Switzerland bars all gatherings of more than 5 people
  • Trump says no plans for national lockdown
  • Germany to pass ‘shadow’ budget on Monday
  • EU suspends budget rules
  • Bavaria becomes first German state to impose ‘lockdown’
  • Johnson says UK can defeat virus in 12 weeks if ‘we work together’
  • Treasury now moving back both filing & payment deadlines for 2019
  • Novartis will donate up to 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine to support global response
  • NBC News employee succumbs to virus. shame.
  • Dr. Fauci says social distancing should continue for several weeks
  • MTA confirms it has 23 sick workers
  • US, Mexico agree to shut southern border
  • China makes first purchase under ‘Phase 1’ trade deal
  • Military confirms 35 American troops infected in Europe

Source: WaPo


  1. No more chemo for me.
    There’s NFW I’m willing to go to a hospital while I have a compromised immune system.
    And BOJO the clown makes the USG look good, something I would have thought impossible, he’s living proof of Einstein’s statement that there are two infinities…
    One of them being human stupidity.

  2. sitrep from 49N 8E

    french army putting up field hospital tents around major med centers in mulhouse and strassbourg, confirmed by independant vids.

    german country of saarland closing 3 hospitals for er and admissions, personnel off actively suffering corona.

    no news from us .mil landstuhl, ramstein, spangdahlem.

    imo this fcuk is becoming serious, as the hits are getting closer. mebbe aesop is correctt with his worst-case calculations, not sensationalist or alarmist but this time center bullseye.

    dunno what more to say, i’m a semiretired ghetto er md and will report on back comes monday.

    stay safe and healty, avoid crowds, wash hands etc.

    i’m following t.me/COVID19Up on telegram


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