Wuhan Red Flu Update 3/19/2020


Here is your daily update of relevant Wuhan Virus info in digestible bite sized amounts.

  • Coronavirus death toll in Italy surpasses China
  • Mnuchin says wants to get checks in Americans’ hands within 3 weeks
  • UK nears 3k cases
  • Confirmed cases in the US climbs ~50% as testing ramps up. no surprise there
  • Carnival confirms it will lend government ships for virus response
  • Connecticut reports 2nd death as US death toll hits 137
  • Cuomo reports nearly 2k new cases, bringing NY total north of 4k. citizens eagerly await news that cuomo has the whuflu
  • Covid-19 ‘cluster’ confirmed in South Brooklyn
  • Minnesota designates grocery workers as ‘essential employees’, giving them access to child care
  • Total number of Covid-19 cases passes 10k
  • Cuomo signs NY unemployment-benefit expansion benefit package, warns of ‘astronomical jump’ in cases
  • China reports zero new cases in Wuhan for first time in months.
  • Treasury weighing 50- and 25-year bonds to finance stimulus package..sigh
  • South Africa case total passes 150
  • India halts incoming international flights for a week
  • Hong Kong doctors find virus inside 2nd dog
  • Spain total cases climb 28% overnight
  • Italian death toll expected to pass China’s on Thursday
  • Pentagon says 2,000 nat’l guardsman deployed around the country making sensible people nervous
  • NY implements 90-day delay on mortgage payments due to hardship
  • FedEx says drop in deliveries in China was smaller than expected
  • Trump and Xi reportedly agree to deepen medical research ties
  • State Department advises Americans not to travel abroad, good advice
  • UK gov’t denies plans for London lockdown
  • Amazon closes warehouse for ‘deep clean’ after worker tests positive
  • Germany death toll climbs to 43
  • Treatment trial in Wuhan yields disappointing results
  • Germany’s Bafin bans short selling
  • Russia reports first death
  • Wuhan police erase record of ‘admonition’ delivered to Dr. Li Wenliang
  • German gov plans to suspend debt brake on Monday
  • Netherlands reports another jump in cases after unveiling stimulus package outline
  • Switzerland warns situation rapidly deteriorating along the Italian border
  • Tiffany closes all US stores, shame.

So far, one in every twelve people to be infected in Italy are health workers.

The Pentagon just confirmed that 2,000 national guard soldiers are deployed across the country as more governors have called up the national guard to assist with the virus response effort. According to the Military Times, governors across 23 states have mobilized components of the Army and Air National Guard to assist in their state’s response to the pandemic.


  1. It is estimated that 25.5 Californians will contract the Virus in the next 8 weeks.
    That’s what exponential growth looks like.
    Assuming a very optimistic 3% mortality rate…
    Oh, shit.

  2. “Carnival confirms it will lend government ships for virus response”

    This is known in the cruise ship industry as the “make the taxpayers responsible to deep-clean your plague ship” ploy.

    “Wouldn’t you guys love to use this petri dish for your global pandemic response?”


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