1 Million SIG P320s


Last year SIG apparently made 1 million P320s. So to celebrate this milestone they cooked up this one of a kind special edition.

Some guns seem born to be embellished with engraving and gold and all that crap. The Peacemaker, the 1911, etc. This isn’t one of those.


  1. I kind of like the look of a stock Glock. They’re not gorgeous, but I appreciate their bauhaus/mid-century modern simplicity. Most of the Glock-off striker-fired pistols range from “meh” at the top end to “fell out of the ugly tree.” The Sig 320 is toward the bottom end of that range IMHO, and engraving it is pretty much gilding a turd, design-wise.

    Sig did a special version of the 320 for the guys who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. I mean no disrespect to the soldier in question or to the fine men who guard it, but it is a seriously tacky pistol. Worse than this one, IMHO because it’s much more gaudy. If I had worked at Sig, I’d have been ashamed to present it to them.

    But de gustibus, I guess.


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